05 December 2006 1:13 PM
Testing Scorpio

I am a beta (alpha) tester for the next version of ColdFusion codenamed scorpio.

The software is in version Alpha 2 and so far it has some of the features requested, but not many. I hope Adobe will invest some more time into this release of CF and add many features requested by end-users.

Also making CF a bit faster would be nice as my clients are moving away from CF since it is plainly too slow when compared to PHP and .Net .Net is seen as fairly easy to implement without the speed drawbacks of CF

We will all see how it turns out next year - I have my fingers corossed for the speed issue... hope the next version will be significantly faster than the current one.

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22 December 2006 09:18:16

I know that this is not entirely related but we need help. Our small design company, based in Strathroy Ontario, has created many websites for clients using ColdFusion. We have recently lost our CF programmer and I cannot find a way to find another programmer. We have searched many sites trying to find one that connects to CF, DreamWeaver, CSS, . . . programmers but to no avail. Can you provide us with some assistance or insight?

comment sent by Ruth Thorogood

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