02 February 2007 12:21 AM
VISTA not worth the wait and your money

As I read more and more about Windows VISTA I am more and more convinced that the only reasonable way of getting one is to get it with new PC that is Windows VISTA Premium ready (not just Windows VISTA ready - as that means no AREO interface which is 90% of the hype).

Here is short list of why you should not upgrade:

  • Hardware - new versions of Windows traditionally require more horsepower - but this one needs a LOT MORE power from the PC. To run smoothly you need 2Gb of RAM which is a lot and like 95% of desktops or more don't have that much. None of my home PCs have 2Gb, they have 1Gb+ Also 256Mb graphic card that is modern is also rare - maybe latest power PCs
  • Price - why spend so much $$$ for Windows Premium, Enterprise or Ultimate?
  • Stability - XP is more stable, don't care what MS says but just look at IE7 and how it crashes more often than IE6 and even FF - lets wait a year for service pack 1, at least.
  • Software - a lot of programs will not run on VISTA or run less stable or have some other issues
  • Hassle of upgrade - it takes time to upgrade, should backup before doing so
  • What are you really getting? Eye candy that most people will get tired of (according to reviews) after 1h or so - how often do you see yourself using the 3d flip option? Think 20 windows shuffled on screen - slow to find the right one - easier to use current XP way of switching between windows. So its an eye candy - not really worth all that $$$. Security? Well, XP was attacked a lot and hardened in battle, VISTA not so much --- vote XP here. For business XP is tried tested and true - VISTA needs SP1
  • DRM stuff - you no longer have privacy - your PC spies on you and if you believe all the hype - your PC assumes you are a criminal
  • VISTA basic is almost same look and feel as XP - bet you can make XP look like VISTA
  • VISTA is a memory hog when using AREO - lets say save 1GB just for IE7 window - this is why you need 2GB - the other 1GB is for other programs
  • You will get bored with the new eye candy very quickly - it took me like 15min not to bother - hones - I mean how much can you admire cascading windows... Sure they are nice but what is the purpose when you have like 20 windows open - will you go and find the one you want by going one by one? - NOT!

Verdict - wait till SP1 at least and get it with new hardware, old one will not run it anyways. If what you have does the job, why get new stuff that doesn't offer anything new other than some promises of better security (windows and security?) and translucent windows - why you need that in the office is questionable - people are here to work not play around.

Or do what others did already - upgrade when you are forced by MS with their "End of support" address - you have no choice then

Quote: "It became a clunker, in fact, with a pretty face and a high price tag like a Park Avenue hooker using too much makeup to hide the fact that she's old."

"Vista could have been innovative instead of warmed over. Vista could have defended our rights instead of raping them. Vista could have been lean and mean instead of bloated and DRM slowed. Vista could have brought new ways of doing things instead of the same old same old. Vista could have been cheaper instead of a stealth price increase. Vista could have pioneered new ways of letting us use computers instead of activated tethers and licence problems. Vista could have been compatible and advanced standards instead of breaking software in the name of locking you in." from Dvorak blog Says it well...

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13 February 2007 19:15:59

More interesting links: http://aspnetresources.com/blog/vista_sucks.aspx and http://blogs.zdnet.com/threatchaos/?p=311

comment sent by tom
07 February 2007 20:19:49

Well, just in case you hoped Vista is faster than XP: http://www.tomshardware.com/2007/01/29/xp-vs-vista/ Its not, and sometimes as much as 33% slower....

comment sent by tom
02 February 2007 12:38:50

I knew I had a typo somewhere :)

comment sent by Tom
02 February 2007 06:02:19

It is "AERO" - NOT "AREO" FFS!

comment sent by Peter Tilbrook

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