14 November 2006 10:44 PM
CF programming in L.A

For about 10 days now I am in Los Angeles programming in ColdFusion for a company located in Culver City. Its same stuff as in Canada with the exception of warm weather outside. No snow for me for the next few months.

Due to the amount of stuff I need to do to set myself in the new place I was unable to do much work playing around with ColdFusion.

As for Los Angeles, so far I only went for one short trip to Hollywood to see what's the big deal. Guess I need to go to different places because so far I don't see why its a big deal - like Canada with palm trees and more crime protection/ prevention.

One quick note about L.A. - its expensive here - I wonder how people make ends meet - take prices for many things in Canada and multiply by 2. As for rent, more like 3 times :)

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11 January 2007 11:58:14

Thanks a lot for some insight... I already visited some spots close by. Must say that the Santa Monica 3rd street promenade was advertised as a big thing while I found it rather short and small... come on 1000 feet long is not big... at least not in US. I will go to the places you mentioned and check them out.

comment sent by Tom
03 January 2007 19:22:47

Well, the US dollar goes a lot farther in Canada as well.  CA in general is expensive, so I'm not sure if it's fair to compare.  If you want to see some great spots, check out Santa Barbara or Yosemite or San Diego.  LA is a bit.. well... blah. 

comment sent by Amy

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