05 June 2007 5:17 PM
JRun Servlet Error 500 null - ColdFusion 7

The problem appears at the bottom of the web page. Solution is quite simple - just add cfset client.hitcount = 1 right after structClear(client) statement. The problem is that CF needs the hitcount variable for its internal stuff and complains when it is gone. As far as I am concerned this is internal Jrun/ ColdFusion bug - nothing wrong with the CF code - just the Jrun is not the bug free product we would like it to be.

For more information about this Jrun bug and more info check out Owens blog

for these who think this is somehow not a bug in Jrun - any web page, even your own, should not just assume that the client variables, or any variables that are not private for that matter will be there. This is rather classical / silly/ all too common programming error. Jrun system should capture the error with missing client variable and either produce meaningful error message or set the variable again or some other not critical error based solution. These are just my 2c

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04 December 2008 13:29:33

awesome, thanks!

comment sent by al wlaser
18 September 2007 11:22:28

If you just see 500 error when you call the WS this means that there is an internal error in the browser. You need to check your code and the WS code for errors. It could be related to operations under browser control such as dynamic HTML generation or something like that. Usually you get longer CF looking like errors from the WS call when it fails. Even with regular CF without any WS action you occasionally get 500 errors (rare).

comment sent by Tom
17 September 2007 14:17:22

Tom- This post touches on a problem that I'm having however no where in my code is there a structClear(client) statement. I'm trying to consume a webservice and when I call the function I need I get "500 Null". I tried searching docs all over, but no one seems to have a solution for this. Any ideas? My Code: ws = createObject("webservice", "#webservicename#"); piInfo = ws.getCasePIString("#form.case_id#");

comment sent by Crystal

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