02 December 2006 2:56 PM
Using AJAX

There has been recently a lot of hype around the use of AJAX technology on the websites. I got drawn into it a bit and played around with AJAX. I am a big fan of making the web work in a more fluid manner.

AJAX is great when used appropriately, not when used everywhere just because we can do it with AJAX doesn't mean we should do it with it. Its just as with any other technology ... it has its uses but is not the answer to everything.

I think one should add AJAX to the website at the very end of the programming cycle, not somewhere at the start. After all, web can function just fine without AJAX. I guess my point is that AJAX is more of an add-on, not the big thing in itself.

That said, I will definitely try to get some spare time after project end to spice it up with AJAX a bit.

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