25 January 2007 2:18 PM
Java J2EE pushed out by .Net

Recently I have noticed a lot of talk about CF8 with .Net runtime. At first it was by few people but now it seems a lot of people are talking about it. Also, many companies that I worked for and these that my fellow co-workers have worked for are moving from CF to .Net. For some reason .Net is seen as more of an Enterprise solution v.s. Java. At first I just thought that its a fluke, but a) I don't know of any company that is moving the other way, i.e. from .Net to Java b) made me think about the issue even more

Well ColdFusion is definitely not dead, or anything like that - we are not even talking about that - CF5 was based on C not Java. Its just the platform that CF is using may be in trouble in the long run. BlueDrago is already offering integration with .Net. The instable future of Java as the platform on which CF is to run makes me a bit uneasy with using Java extensively in Cf applications. After all, thinking that in say 10 years this code will not be there is wrong - we all know about the 1970's developers that thought their code will not be there in 30 years so they don't have to worry about year 2000 bug. So what will happen to all this code in CF say 10 years from now in CF version 11 that runs only on .Net?

Well, lets hope Java will turn around the trend and fight back .Net - one of the major things that it could do in order to accomplish that is to be faster. I would love to see pure java applications, or even CF running on a Java platform that would outperform both ASP.Net and PHP. Come on, its possible to do that. I don't want to be forced to agree that CF is slow... I have no choice now, it is painfully slow. To a point where some design patters are almost unfeasble.

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