17 February 2007 1:54 PM
DRM increases value for consumers?

According to some companies - like microvision decreasing out choices is increasing their value. Come on - how decreasing our choices as to what we can do with the content is increasing the content's value? DRM may be good for the publisher - he is selling us stuff with 'limited' rights - but not for the consumer who has to bear these limited right. Experience tells me that limited rights neq lower price - it makes up for a good argument for DRM but is not seen in real life.

Why doesn't the industry, both music and film just grow up and realize that the millions they spend on DRM technology could end up in their pockets. Just how much is DRM helping them if anyone out there willing to copy music / movies can do so without any special hardware or monetary expense. Also, as technology moves forward it just becomes easier to copy not easier to protect.

The whole DRM protection idea is flowed from the start - after all we are giving user content he or she can use - how can we 'protect' that content if we want the user be able to see what is on the CD/DVD - its like giving away a secret while still thinking you can protect it. Unless you somehow hack people's brains and take out the need for TV screens there is no way of protecting the content - it goes from the screen to the eye in 'unprotected' form. With many points in between that a hacker could tap into.

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