08 April 2007 2:47 PM
GoDaddy ColdFusion Hosting - *NO* of CFC support

I was rather excited to get multiple domain hosting with plenty of space and plenty of DB support on a fast server for less than $8 a month from a well know company. So much for so little it would seem I am getting until I tried it out and it turned out not so well as I have hoped for.

I guess such is life - you hope to get a lot for little but it never materializes. GoDaddy is a company that makes false claims about what they offer. The don't offer CFC support - according to them it is not a good idea to give support for cfobject and createObject and instead everyone should be using cfinvoke. This may be sort of OK for very simple applications but for multiple CFC applications this is a no-no. Come on, you give us 100GB of space and expect us to fill it with what?

Almost all applications out there require the support of either cfobject or createObject function. It would be a massive rewrite to use cfinvoke since it is per method based not per object. Imagine if you are using 100's of methods - each one of these would have to be modified. I understand the GoDaddy position on the issue from security standpoint but they just made the whole thing unworkable for a developer - it may be secure but useless.

I have canceled my account less than 24h after I got it - I will recommend that everyone else stay away from GoDaddy ColdFusion support.

In addition to the CFC access restriction the DB access is restricted as well to a great extend - again almost unworkable, however at least in this case many hosts restrict access. The access to the DB server is granted through web interface only, you cannot change settings or anything like that. Some of it is obvious reasonable restriction, other things limit usability greatly.

On top of things don't count on the support of the GoDaddy support - these guys are quite useless - they didn't know that createObject and cfobject were turned off - had to search their knowledge base for this.

So far I used few hosting companies - but all of them either supported createObject() or cfobject - this is the 1st case when I see someone having zero support...

Bottom line: GoDaddy hosting doesn't support ColdFusion 7 contrary to their claims

25 September 2007 06:04:23

Ahhh, the ole 'GoDaddy CFMX' support on the cheap.... Yep. Honey House Web Designs also ran into this issue with a client who truly wanted to stick with GoDaddy after their new CFMX7 site was completed. The work-around, while a bit if a pain, was to do the following: 1) Eliminate all 'CreateObjects' (or similar CFMX tags) from the .cfm files2) Change all CFC functions to plain ole vanilla 'CFINVOKE' tags (also replacing all CFC arguments with CFINVOKEARGUMENT tags. And sure enough, the site worked on GoDaddy. Not recommended, not great and fast, code isn't nice and slick, but.... it does work. That is the beauty of ColdFusion... :) Cheers!

comment sent by Tami Burke
03 August 2007 02:58:03

A not sure whatever that was online when I signed up. Also, disabling these fn. is so unusual that it would be strange for anyone to research the topic in depth on a site just to find this stuff out. The bottom line is GoDaddy doesn't support CF7 contrary to their claims - so STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

comment sent by Tom
02 August 2007 14:25:41

you did read this before you signed up ...didn't you? http://help.godaddy.com/article.php?article_id=547

comment sent by Tom's MOM

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