28 January 2008 11:49 PM
Source control for ColdFusion

Recently I was put in charge of a research project involving comparison of different source control products available out there.

I have divided all available products into three categories:

  • Open source
  • Commercial basic
  • Commercial advanced

Open source is self explanatory while the commercial section has to be broken down due to the fact that some vendors like to throw in a lot of bells and whistles into their products (for a price increase of course).

For a small company with a development team of around 10 people I decided to go with subversion. I discovered that all source control products that are out there can serve well small teams and differences are only visible with larger teams. In commercial sector my choice would be the Vault. I would stay away from the Source Safe product as it is clearly outdated. As for commercial products in the advanced category - I didn't find the fact of throwing in *everything* of use for a huge price of 10k+ per 10 seats. The fact that subversion is free also played a big role - why spend money and do paperwork to get funding if there is no clear advantage of using a commercial product? If I need help with the open source VC I can always purchase a license to get support.

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