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Flash news application

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I decided to create my own Flash based news application after I spent many hours helping friend setup Java applet that displayed latest news. My Flash application is available in many configurations that suit many different needs.

With my Flash news application you can display news feeds/announcements that are either stored in XML format on your computer or another server. You can generate your own news items using provided ColdFusion source code (you need ColdFusion server in order to run ColdFusion script). The news you generate is of your own choice. Today many web sites offer RSS feeds which my ColdFusion script uses to create news XML file as often as you like. You may choose to use the application to display announcements to your web audiance. Why not try the demo for 30 days?

Please note that in many cases RSS feeds that show latest news are copyrighted by the web site that created them. Please read licensing information for every RSS feed before using it. Most personal blogs are free. As for news, its usually free for personal or non-commercial use. I provide you only the means of displaying news. As for actual news content, you need to work it out with content provider(s).



I have created separate examples page. On this page you can see different configurations of Flash news application. To access the sample page, please click here.

Get full version - now its free

Documentation and license

This product comes with full manual to make the process of setting up your own news feed.

Contact information

This application support web site is the one you are currently in. Please use contact form to e-mail the author about any questions and suggestions you have.


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