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I am actively studying different areas of information technology. As I study new topics I often design tutorials and/or guides from which I study these topics. I decided to share these guides with you in hope that you will find them as useful in your studies as I did. If you find some information in one of my guides that is not correct, please inform me about it. I try to keep all of my guides up to date with most accurate information possible

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Note on Microsoft guides and exams

You can download all Microsoft preparation guides here. They contain information that you will find useful in your preparation for the exam. I suggest that you print them and study from paper. You may also use them as a reference (as I am after passing each test). For these of you who have not yet written a Microsoft examination test please be warned that you will not find too many "easy" questions. By easy I mean short questions with an answer found in a book. Almost all questions require one to think about the situation that is presented. The description of all questions that I faced so far was not ambiguous, however it was long and the time just to read the question over becomes real issue. Please also be warned that the questions will make you think about episodes that most likely you will never be faced with in real life or if you will be then it will be on very few occasions. I don't know why they made many questions so obscure, if I want to know some strange topic in depth there is always a handy help system. There you have a bit of my rant on Microsoft exams.