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ColdFusion, SQL Server, Flash and Globalization


Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Code pages
Part 3: Unicode encodings
Part 4: Unicode and ColdFusion & html
Part 5: Resource files
Part 6: SQL Server/ Flash MX and unicode
Part 7: Time & date and globalization
Part 8: Miscalenious notes

1. Introduction

At some point in the development of websites a developer will be asked to create a site that would cater to audience that speaks more than one language. I have created this small guide/ tutorial for myself to be looked at later on as a reference on how to create sites that are trully international. By website that supports globalization I mean one that supports more than one language and more than one style of display (of dates and currency for example) in organized way. For two or three languages on a website one may get away with multiple copies of the same front-end with some hacking around, but for more sophisticated websites I introduce the notion of resource files. I also push for use of unicode throughout the whole website - even if the website is in English it doesn't hurt to set its encoding as UTF-8.

By far these short notes are incomplete. They may also contain some inaccuracies as I am not an expert in the subject. So please send me your comments and corrections - it will help me in undertanding the topic better and make this paper of greater value to the web community.

Guide version 0.1 last updated on 26/01/2007.

I provide this guide as is, without any guarantees, explicit or implied, as to its contents. You may use the information contained herein in your computer career, however I take no responsibility for any damages you may incur as a result of following this guide. You may use this document freely and share it with anybody as long as you provide the whole document in one piece and do not charge any money for it. If you find any mistakes, please feel free to inform me about them Tom Kitta. Legal stuff aside, let us start.

2. Code pages

3. Unicode encodings

4. Unicode and ColdFusion & html

5. Resource files

6. SQL Server/ Flash MX and unicode

7. Time & date and globalization

8. Miscalenious notes