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ColdFusion Certification upgrade notes going from CF6 to CF7


Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Basic stuff - mixed bag
Part 3: Application.cfc
Part 4: Form validation
Part 5: New presentation abilities
Part 6: New way to print
Part 7: Reporting capabilities of CF7
Part 8: Custom tags review
Part 9: XML review
Part 10: Event gateways
Part 11: New features only - worthy of a note

1. Introduction

This guide is a set of notes I made while studying for ColdFusion 7 certification exam. At the time these notes were written I was already certified by Macromedia as ColdFusion 6 Advanced Developer. This guide is concentrating only on aspects that are different between CF6 and CF7 as well as interesting rare points. It also covers some legacy stuff (like custom tags) that are part of the exam but no longer used by developers as much as before - thus many developers, including myself no longer remember how to create them in detail required by the exam.

Notes provided here are for people that already know ColdFusion. They are not detailed nor well organized - this is not a book. I only included stuff that I found interesting or something I didn't known before. Most of this is new ColdFusion 7 (CF7 for short) stuff, like Application.cfc. I didn't include Application.cfm stuff, since I already know it well from ColdFusion 6/6.1 (CF6 for short).

Guide version 0.1 last updated on 11/10/2005.

I provide this guide as is, without any guarantees, explicit or implied, as to its contents. You may use the information contained herein in your computer career, however I take no responsibility for any damages you may incur as a result of following this guide. You may use this document freely and share it with anybody as long as you provide the whole document in one piece and do not charge any money for it. If you find any mistakes, please feel free to inform me about them Tom Kitta. Legal stuff aside, let us start.

2. Basic stuff - mixed bag

3. Application.cfc

4. Form validation

5. New presentation abilities

6. New way to print

7. Reporting capabilities of CF7

8. Custom tags review

9. XML review

10. Event gateways

11. New features only - worthy of a note

Please be advised that above notes are highly abridged - they contain information that is either new in CF7 or was already present in version 6 but was rarely used by me. You are strongly advised to read more about the material covered by CF certification exam. A good start would be to study official exam preparation guide written by Ben Forta.

If you found some mistakes in these notes or you would like to contribute some of your own work to above notes, feel free to contact the author. You can use contact information contained on my website.


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