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Links to my favorite web sites

Here I have a list of links that I have collected while surfing around the web for the last few years. I included here the links to the web pages that I found very useful in my career as a web developer, system administrator and a general IT oriented person. I have divided my links by different categories they belong to. Each link has a short description of the website it is pointing to. I am updating this list on regular basis; new sites are added to the list as time passes by. If you know a website that you feel I will like and find useful in my work, please e-mail me the address and I take a look at it.

Since I like all the sites listed here I have placed the anchor around the description of a website. This will associate the website content with the short description provided. It is said that I have provided a good link to a site. Providing a link without a description to a website with the address of the page between the 'a' tags doesn't contribute any useful information to the search engine and thus doesn't give as much boost to the page rank of the site. To find out more about trick of search engine optimization (or as some call it search engine marketing) contact me.

If you have a website that you think would fit well into one of the categories provided please send me a standard link request using my contact form and I will consider linking to your site.

Cascading style sheet (CSS) tutorials

General internet related links

Windows networking related web sites

Web design resources

ColdFusion web sites

Flash MX/MX 2004 web sites

Domain registrants, hosting companies and e-commerce merchants

General IT related web sites

Network security web sites

Finding work in IT field

Software Project Managment

Other links