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Matrix (from movie of the same title) here it represents skill matrix (movie itslef had a lot of hacking in it)

Computer skill matrix

The following skills matrix gives anyone looking at my resume more fine-grain estimate of my knowledge in particular area. All estimates are based on my own feelings of strength in an area. I tend to under-estimate my skills - at least according to majority of people I have spoken to. If you want to know more about my skills, take a look at the guides/ tutorials I have written, at some of my work available for download and at the websites I have created or helped to create.

Programming skills

Programming languageSkill levelExperience
Adobe ColdFusion 5,6,7 and 89/108 years
Adobe Flash AS 1/26/106 years
JavaScript/ DHTML5/108 years
Visual Basic 2005 (VB.Net)5/101 year ***
VBscript3/102 years
Standard HTML7/109 years
CSS design6/106 years
T-SQL programming6/107 years
PL SQL programming2/101 year
Standard SQL (any major DB)6/108 year
XML6/106 years
Web Services (ColdFusion based)9/103 years
Java2/106 years *
C/C++2/106 years *

Administration skills

Task descriptionSkill levelExperience
MS Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/2000/XP/VISTA8/1010+ years **
Linux (RH) + other3/102 years
MS Windows Server 2000/20036/105 years
SQL Server 6.5/7/2000/20056/107 years
General network5/109 years
General hardware (microcomputer)7/1010+ years
Adobe ColdFusion Server 5, 6, 7 and 86/108 years

Software skills

Application nameSkill levelExperience
Adobe Flash MX/MX 2004/8/9 (design skill)5/103 years
MS office5/1010+ years
ColdFusion studio/ Homesite/ Dreamwaver CS39/108 years
MS Source Safe 64/101 year
MS Project4/101 year
MS Visio4/101 year
MS Visual Studio 20054/101 year ***
Adobe Fireworks MX/8/94/103 years
Adobe Photoshop 7/CS2/CS33/101 year

Other skills

Skill nameSkill levelExperience
Using fusebox (v3)4/101 year
Flash remoting Flash MX and 88/103 years
Flash Web Services8/103 years
Paypal IPN setup7/101 year
Project management5/101 year
Application design (up to 100,000 lines)7/104 years
Database design (up to 100 tables)7/104 years
Graphics (Photoshop/Fireworks MX)3/102 years, basic skills
Unix/Solaris/Linux2/101 year as user
ColdFusion reports3/10under 1 year ***
ColdFusion AJAX integration3/10under 1 year ****

* with multiple no-use periods
** all versions of Windows (tm) operating system for desktops
*** new product
**** using free CFAJAX CFC