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Network cable end

Network administration and design services

Since I worked so closely with the SQL Server 2000 I grown interested in advanced futures offered by Microsoft Windows Server operating system. I am fully capable to implement and design networking solutions that leverage Windows 2003 Server and Windows XP Professional operating systems. Currently I am working on my MCSA designation.

I am active reader of multiple security issues that currently plague the computer industry. At the university I did a project that introduced me to pseudo random number generators and DES cipher. I am very security oriented, sometimes people tell me that I go overboard with the recommendations. However, I think that secure computing is a very important part of network administration.

Through there is so much more for me to learn in networking, I am ready for it. I like to learn new things and see them applied in the working environment. I enjoy the low hum of computers running. I guess I am a computer kind of guy.