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Web development and design services

I am experienced web developer specializing in dynamic application programming using ColdFusion. I leverage the ease of use that comes with ColdFusion to deliver applications quickly to the end user. At the same time I am open to use of other web programming languages, like PHP or ASP.NET. For database end I use Microsoft SQL Server 2000, but I am open to other databases like MySQL or ProstageSQL I know how to design the web site using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML and Macromedia Flash. In 2003 I became Macromedia Certified Advanced ColdFusion Developer. For some examples of my work please refer to my web portfolio.

The development skills I posses are undergoing a constant upgrade. I am active member of CF-talk, one of the most active ColdFusion messaging boards. My collection of ColdFusion, web design, XML and CSS books is helping me in completion of almost any web related task.

I posses good web site design skills which allow me to build web sites that have looks that do not lag behind their first rate programming. I don't have artistic background (I am a computer scientist and a mathematician) but I am able to put the work of others to good use. I am also able to utilize the power of Flash to make the web site stand out from the rest.